Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The final head count

Here it is girls, the FINAL list!! No changes are allowed to be made from now on or my chef will have heart failure! LOL...

1. Peta
2. Carol
3. Michelle
4. Amanda
5. Barb
6. Kate (me!)
7. Tash
8. Bev
9. Nat
10. Sar
11. Jody (day only saturday)
12. Sandra
13. Bron
14. Lois
15. Danielle
16. Angie
17. Cate (Fri - sat)
18. Debbie
19. Sar's "friend"
20. Leasa (day only saturday)

3 sleeps to go!!!! woohoo!!

1 comment:

Peta said...

not long now - the shop is nearly ready - okay no it isnt but boy is there a LOT of stock!!! i have some NEW retreat only kits I will be taking pics of in the moring and they are ONLY $15!!!!
okay back to pricing