Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 months to go

Well only 4 months till our retreat! how exciting......I haven't really got any new information for you as yet, but I will be starting the class plans soon!
If you haven't paid your deposit yet, then please do so very soon!
Here is the list so far, I still have THREE places left, and Haylie has had to pull out due to a family wedding so that is sad - but in her place we have SAR!!!! so happy you are coming Sar :)

1. Peta
2. Carol - deposit paid
3. Michelle - paid in full
4. Amanda
5. Barb - deposit paid
6. Jaimy
7. Tash
8. Bev
9. Nat
10. Sar
11. Jody
12. Leonie
13. Bron
14. Lois
15. Danielle

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