Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's getting closer....

Happy new year everyone!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and families. It is now 2009 which means there is just over 2 months till our retreat!! How exciting!! here is our list of attendees, slightly modified. Still waiting on deposits from some girls if they coud be fixed up soon that would be wonderful.

1. Jaimy B.
2. Peta M.
3. Carol N.
4. Bron G.
5. Tash G.
6. Chelsea M.
7. Jody H.
8. Michelle L.
9. Haylie M.
10. Lois D
11. Bev N.
12. Nat D.
13. Kylie S.
14. Donna C.
15. Terri H.

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