Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ok Ladies, down to the serious end of the business....currently there are only 3 spots left!! (I managed to squeeze in 3 extra spots today, but this will be the final number)
You need to make a decision very quickly. I will also require payments (installments are welcome!!) from the girls who have booked soon to secure their places. It is very exciting for me, thanks to the girls who booked at the scrapboutique retreat today, I am looking forward to catching up with you all again :)

Here is the LIST so far
1. Jaimy B. PAID IN FULL
2. Peta M.
3. Carol N.
4. Bron C.
5. Tash G.
6. Jess A.
7. Jody H.
8. Michelle L.
9. Haylie M.
10. Tam P.
11. Selena F.
12. Karen S.
13. Kylie S.
14. Chelsea M.
15. Kristyn H.
16. Bev
17. Nat

If you want your name added, let me know asap!!!!!!

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